A FORK in the ROAD
It wasn't like I was out for a walk.
I was just living my life to the fullest.
I didn't know what was around the block,
Until I came to a fork in the road.
I guess I'd been foolish.

It had been a time when my life was at a low.
I couldn't see high and I couldn't see go.
All I had was the taste for "you know".
My life was in my hands, The road was mine.
I had the choice... Left or right,
It was only a decision, not a fight!
Well somebody help me.. which road is right?
Seeing that no one is around,
Looks like I am bound, with figuring this out.
Just my hap, I think I'm sinking in quicksand.
And going quite fast,
The road I took isn't going to last

~~Sarah Lee~~
Copyright 8/31/91