Today is a sunday, I have nothing to do.
I will take this opportunity
To write a tranquil song for you.

Loving you is my nature.
You're a fantasy quite true.
There shall never be another
No other could come close to you.

I dwell at the thought of your coming home,
And the warmth that fills my heart
Takes me far from feeling alone.
Often my eyes  feel like clouds so full of rain,
When at the slightest thought of being without you
Can make them just start pouring.

Your love for me brightens every every moonless night.
I can see all my wishes coming true.
From those past fallen stars
The hurts that became scars
Have made me a much stronger person
Now that I have you.

I never think of living in months or days
To feel those brief seconds slipping away.
I want to keep them, just as I want you,
And never have the fear
Of those precious seconds with you
To ever disappear.

Sarah Lee McGehee