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Liberty in Tranquillity

As I am sitting here waiting
In an obscure sort of lighting,
I am sitting here thinking of you,
Thinking of your call.

Your voice is that of a free spirit,
A bird, a divine spark,
Which lets me breathe
Yet trusts I'll come back to feed him.

I awaken with the memory of you.
I will fall asleep
With all the love I have for you,
To take on my journey to dreamland.

The future, yet unbeknown to us,
I'll ponder over, the day after.
While the thoughts revolve in my mind,
I'll reach out, just trying to grasp.. just one.
Just one thought of you.
While so many just don't stand to reason.

Sometimes I feel
The matter of importance is gravity.
Something just to hold me down.
Yes, down to earth.

For I want to fly.
To fly freely, with good reason!
But what is the significance?
Life is not that crucial.

So.. Come with me!
You will be my luminary.
We can dream through
The many star worlds
There can ever be.

Sarah Lee McGehee