As I so often have in the unforgiving past.

Not once forgotten my hunger,

Like the salmon of Alaska to return to my birthplace.


I remember the  brightness of the white memories.

As the cold snow would compress softly beneath my feet,

My soul would gather the warmth of thoughts unbeknown.


The wondrously beautiful Northern lights cast an image of perfection.

And the core of my soul would offer a vibrant sense of emotion to the moment.

In the distance I could hear howling of wolves as though messengers.


Those sounds would capture the essence of all the array moments in my life.

And the clean smell carried in the breeze would compel my place in the moment,

I would be an essential part of everything in life.


For once, I would not be a spectator of the nature around me,

But an existence within it.

I was not a part of the moral despair of man in society anymore.


I was only searching for a resting place where he gave me life.

And as the last brown leaf would descend to the snow,

It would be the hallmark of eternal resting for Daddy.


  Sarah Lee McGehee
  & Chris Litts

July 9, 1998