The Evil One

They stalk as though to find a passage
Yearning for existence.
Spiritless within the twilight
In their solitary way.
They try to capture at evils dare
The magic of their youth.
Within our souls the embedded knowledge
To do what we feel is right.
For it is the " Evil One " that will try to lead you
Down the path or the road we call rebellious.
It is he the Anarchist who thrives on
Breakdown of lawlessness and confusion.
To have you lead as the Attacker
With resistance to Authority
With defiance against our government
Through suicidal uprising and revolt.
To deliver this… that pleases the " Evil One "
In exchange for what?
Time? With the price subdued for now,
A deferral of reality,
At the dear price of tomorrow.
I bid you not to perform a deed
That may tangle up another.
Think ahead of the adverse affects,
And embrace the final consequence,
By showing your nobility.
For it is the " Evil One " who
Lays low within the mountain
Who will wrest you of your life.
Sarah Lee McGehee